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100% natural dog treat boxes delivered to your door!

High in protein, low in fat and free from all the nasties.


The ideal treats to help improve your dogs health and wellbeing.



In 2019 we welcomed our little rottie Carlton in to the family, he was a lively puppy and he kept us busy but It soon became clear that Carlton had a very sensitive tummy.


We noticed that his diet was having a huge impact on his health and wellbeing and decided that "natural" was the way forward, not just his meals but his treats too.


We now have a much happier and content dog! And the best part is all the compliments he gets on his shiny coat and lovely white teeth.  All of these factors are what lead us to bring you Bits & Bones.

Our passion for natural treats comes directly from our own experiences and as a family run business we pride ourselves on quality high protein treats that are free from preservatives and all the other nasties that are often found in dog treats today.


Thank you for choosing Bits and Bones, your furry friend will love you for it.


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Bits & Bones Box
Bits & Bones Box

Jumbo Box
Jumbo Box


Bits & Bones Box
Bits & Bones Box


About our products

At Bits & bones we pride ourselves on providing the finest treats to improve your furry friends health, wellbeing and immunity. Having our own furry friend we understand the importance of treats that are free from grain, wheat and preservatives.

Just 100% Natural. 

Our packaging

We love our environment and are proud that all of our packing is recyclable, not just our boxes and packaging tape but our our postage bags are compostable too!


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